The Work of Richard Dadd


English artist Richard Dadd, famous for his magnificently detailed paintings of mythical beings is widely regarded as the quintessential insane artist but this romantic myth hides the true nature of his talent and illness.  The fourth of nine children, Dadd’s incredible artistic ability was obvious from an early age and he was trained in miniature painting during his formative years before going to study in the Royal Academy in London in 1837.  Among his peers at art school, he was widely regarded as the brightest and the best, winning a medla for his virtuosity, and it was noted that his friends regarded him as an intelligent, gentle and cheerful character.  Following the long standing tradition Dadd left for Europe and the Middle East with Sir Thomas Phillips to make drawings and study classical art.  When he returned in 1843 it was clear that something had changed and the previously contented artist…

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About linandandy

I am a mature student studying at first for an Art and Design Diploma that has led on to my near completion of my BA Hons Degree.Formalising my art has been an ambition for a long time which will take me into a very exciting future as an artist.
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